Teen Street Skills relies 100% on sponsor support from businesses and individuals to underwrite program costs as it is FREE to participants.


sponsorship prospectus

A) You are a business that cares about teens in our communities.

B) The parents of these teenagers and current customers of your business are very grateful for this opportunity.

C) You are a business that wants to make an early impression with these future customers.



Marketers understand that mothers are the primary household consumption decision-makers. They also recognize that teens are not only emerging consumers of products and services themselves but are major influencers of buying in the household.

Your engagement with the Teen Street Skills program enables your business to establish an intimate connection with these beneficiaries of your business’s generosity and compassion. Your messaging is front and center throughout not only the program that day, but is woven into the participant promotion leading up to the event.

Just as the Teen Street Skills program leaves a lasting impression on the behaviors of our teens, so to, will your brand’s impression.


brand recognition

Program sponsors will benefit from the presence of their business's banner signage throughout the Teen Street Skills course, including the instruction tent, as well as throughout the promotional materials that are developed to recruit teens into the program. Program sponsors are offered to opportunity provide giveaway bags to all participants and parents, as well as activation programs (i.e. redeem a coupon at the store or online).

Activity sponsors will benefit from brand exposure with on track and inside instruction tent signage recognition. Recognition for Activity Sponsors will also be promoted throughout participant promotional collateral.


unique digital content

Capturing the experiences of these teens while learning these important skills on video and sharing their reactions will be content that sponsors can have access to in order to further their brand messaging in connecting with teens and parents. From our experience with other national programs, there is no shortage of sound bites from teens and parents on camera expressing their gratitude for this free program and expressing the value of what was learned in the program. With this unique digital content accessible to your business’s social media channels, the value of your investment into Teen Street Skills quickly multiplies.


community benefit

It is a core strategic objective of any successful business. Yet the demand for those dollars from the community constantly outstrips the dollars that your business has budgeted. It is for this reason that your business’s social impact investment must bring a return on that investment. There must be benefit back to your business, taking the form of increased sales, increased brand awareness, or an increase in market share. The Teen Street Skills program is run by a former IndyCar driver from Detroit, Robbie Buhl, who understands the importance of putting sponsors front and center, and who understands what a return on their investment can be in order to keep sponsors engaged with the Teen Streets Skills program.


your business’ employees

Program sponsors can sign up with the objective of offering this program exclusively to their employees as well as their families. While the program’s content is geared toward a teenager, program sponsors have found that their own employees can greatly benefit from the skills taught, which also makes for a great corporate outing activity. Companies have also seen benefit in bringing this program exclusively for the teenagers of its employees, which becomes a giveback to the employees that will last a lifetime. The Teen Street Skills program course can be customized to be setup remotely in a company’s parking lot.


certificates of completion

Each teen completing the Teen Street Skills program will be presented with a Certificate of Completion, branded with the Program Sponsors logo. These certificates will be kept by program participants as in the future they will be required to present to auto insurers in order for that teen to receive a discount on their auto insurance premiums.


racing4detroit team

With their investment into the Teen Street Skills program, Program sponsors and Activity sponsors alike will join the Racing 4 Detroit Team. Benefits of membership in this elite Race Team include recognition inside THE FACTORY at Corktown, which is the headquarters for the Racing 4 Detroit team activities. Activities include:

Full operational race garage for the Racing 4 Detroit Global Rallycross Car

Racing memorabilia from Indy 500 and Robbie Buhl’s race teams

Racing simulators and racing slot track

Another benefit to being a member of the Racing 4 Detroit team is your logo’s placement on the Racing 4 Detroit Race Car. Not only will this car be racing on the Global Rallycross racing circuit in 2017, but it will be used extensively in promotional events and will provide additional visibility for your brand.